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Self-Motivation in the Face of Recovery from Addiction

After getting clean, the recovering addict faces must maintain their sobriety and not succumb to the temptations of old habits. A good support network of people who understand and wish to fight for the recovering addict’s sobriety is vital. However, the most important component is the recovering addict’s self-motivation to remain sober. These pointers for self-motivation aren’t a panacea that will work for everyone. Successful recovery from addiction needs the application of self-motivation techniques. 

Recovery Motivation - Make a Vision Board

A vision board is a reminder to help you stay self-motivated during times when you feel a strong temptation to relapse. A vision board is created on a blank piece of cardboard. Select a color that you find peaceful or inspiring. Go through magazines and newspapers and look for words and pictures that you find inspiring for your recovery and your goals for the future. Collage these images and words.  Keep the vision board up where you can see it. You can revise your vision board every time you feel you are making progress on your path to sobriety.

Self-motivation in the Face of Recovery from Addiction

Recovery Motivation - Start Journaling 

Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings as you move through life and move along your road to recovery.  Remember to often compare where you were in your addiction in the past to where you are now. This is a kind of ‘cost-benefit analysis’ to remind you of all the advantages of being sober. Keep a record of negative things that trigger you into wanting to return to old habits and negative behaviors, and avoid them. Ultimately, you want the skills to avoid negative thoughts and behaviors and not acting upon them, things to become second nature! That way you can pick up trends and avoid those triggers. Record your successes such as times when you did not give into temptation. You can refer to these entries in your journal when you’re struggling to motivate yourself.

Recovery Motivation - Quotes and Readings to Keep You Going

Many inspirational quotations and phrases about self-motivation during sobriety are available on the internet or in the materials you receive at rehab and at AA or other support group meetings. Furthermore, in the course of your days you may simply hear someone speak inspirational words that you wish to remember or hope to be able to remember when sharing your story… Keep a record of these. 

Whether you write them out big on pieces of paper and place them next to your vision board or write them in your journal as part of your entries, having them to refer to will help to keep you motivated during difficult times, and can be an invaluable tool in your path toward long-term, sustained sobriety and successful life-long recovery.

Remember to Reward Yourself

As a recovering addict, it is important to acknowledge the mistakes you made and then make a conscious decision to live in the here and now. Reward yourself for the things you are doing right. Keep a chart with your vision board or a list in your journal of your successes in remaining sober. Set goals for yourself along the way. Decide on a reward that you would like to work towards. When you reach your goal, reward yourself with something positive such as a trip to your favorite restaurant, the movies or the spa. For more information about addiction treatment, call Vogue Recovery Center at (866) 682-8449.

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