two people talking one with clasped hands and one with upraised palms, partial hospitalization program phoenix azAddiction treatment is considered the most effective way to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Both residential and outpatient treatment is available to patients. In fact, some residential addiction treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ and other states run a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

Doctors refer clients to a PHP based on the client’s circumstances and recovery needs. In some cases, doctors refer clients to a partial hospitalization program after they complete residential treatment. With a partial hospitalization program in Phoenix, AZ, you won’t need to stay in a facility 24/7. Instead, you go to a hospital part of the day for medical treatment and go through therapy another part of the day. At night, you return home to your family and repeat the schedule your next treatment day.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

The settings for addiction treatment are PHP, inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient (IOP), and traditional outpatient. PHPs provide level 2 addiction care similar to an IOP. They are called day treatment programs since clients do not stay overnight. Instead, they have the flexibility of attending therapy and counseling during the day. However, some facilities have a live-in option for clients who prefer to reside onsite.

Although residential programs are more regimented, a partial hospitalization program is still highly structured. Sometimes they are used a step-up or step-down level of care for people with mild to moderate addiction or who completed residential treatment. Although the setting is not as restrictive as inpatient treatment, clients need to commit to attending treatment for about 20 to 30 hours per week.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program in Phoenix, AZ

There are unique benefits of receiving treatment through a partial hospitalization program. For one, it eases the transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment. It provides a continuum of care in keeping with the goal of helping to sustain your sobriety. However, you can go and come with greater independence due to the flexible treatment hours. Additionally, you will not need 24-hour supervision as is the case with residential care. Clients also receive life, occupational, and sober living skills training to help them reintegrate back into their communities.

A partial hospitalization program in Phoenix, AZ usually costs less. Insurance companies are more willing to cover the cost of a PHP than an inpatient program. This allows more people to get addiction treatment. Even though PHPs run longer, they still usually cost less. While participating in a partial hospitalization program you can also:

  • Work or care for family members
  • Meet other life commitments
  • Receive both medical and mental health support
  • Participate in individual, group, and family therapy with a licensed therapist

Behavioral therapy or psychotherapy addresses mental health issues that drive you to abuse drugs or alcohol or prevent you from quitting. You will also learn how to identify and block substance use triggers to prevent relapse.

Transitioning from Residential Treatment at Vogue Recovery Center

Recovery takes time and a continuum of care to get you back to a life free from substance abuse. While with us, you will have access to various residential treatment and outpatient programs, therapies, and sober living services. Here are some examples:

Before a partial hospitalization program in Phoenix, AZ begins, our doctors and mental health professionals will do a full evaluation to decide the level of care you need. We will then tailor your treatment plan and determine if you should attend our partial hospitalization program before or after residential treatment. Note that you can continue behavioral or mental health treatment at the PHP facility. Please call Vogue Recovery Center at 866.682.8449 to find out more.