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Individual Therapy Program in Phoenix, AZ

Individual Therapy Program At Vogue

Individual Therapy Program

Individual therapy is essential for treating substance use disorder. Often, there are underlying issues that led to the substance abuse that need addressing. Substance addiction decreases healthy coping skills, isolates you from your support system, and creates more stress in your life. Once you are physically clean, much of your treatment will focus on teaching you how to live clean and sober. Individual therapy is often included in residential treatment programs. Individual therapy programs also continue after inpatient rehab, including during intensive outpatient programs (IOP).

Types of Individual Therapy Program

An individual therapy program will typically include a kind of psychotherapy There are many types of psychotherapy. The psychotherapies used in our individual therapy program at Vogue:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing the client’s behavior patterns. The therapist carefully examines thought patterns. There is an emphasis on mindfulness. Many of our thought patterns are automatic. We don’t carefully consider them and decide if they are accurate and beneficial. CBT allows the client to mindfully explore their thoughts and work to change them with the guidance of a therapist. CBT is a results-based therapy. Many clients benefit from it as they work to change their harmful thinking patterns.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy is similar to CBT. DBT focuses on the behavior itself rather than the thoughts that lead to the behavior. Therapists recognize unhealthy behavior patterns and discuss strategies for change with clients. DBT emphasizes learning new skills that help the client change their destructive habits.

The dialectical method inherent to DBT posits the existence of a thesis (a behavior), an antithesis (the opposite behavior or feeling), and a synthesis (the compromise or meeting of those behaviors and thoughts). A therapist helps the patient posit the thesis and antithesis, before then formulating the synthesis as a way for the patient to move forward.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Individual therapy programs also use psychodynamic therapy. This type of treatment looks at the root cause of destructive thoughts and behavior patterns. While CBT and DBT usually have a fairly short duration, psychodynamic therapy can last for years. It can help the client to explore trauma and understand the underlying reasons and motivations for unhealthy behavior.

Therapists recommend this therapy for those who have suffered trauma, particularly as children. It may also be helpful to those who grew up with unhealthy attachments to caregivers. These issues are often at the root of harmful behaviors, including substance abuse.

Psychodynamic therapy is flexible to what the client considers the most pressing situational challenges Through talk therapy, clients are encouraged to work out solutions to present-day problems, but also identify how the past and unhealthy thinking and actions are playing a role in the current situation. Therapists become a guide, empowering the client to develop the confidence and skills to address challenges independently.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Experiential therapy focuses on activities from non-therapeutic settings. These activities can include:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Yoga
  • Hiking 
  • Horseback riding

These therapies are enjoyable and give clients different outlets of expression than traditional treatments. They can develop insights, gain self-confidence, overcome fears, achieve greater emotional awareness and processing, and develop close friendships through this type of individual therapy program.

Experiential therapies may seem like recreation, but don’t overlook their value. Some types of experiential therapy, including art and music, have studies showing their effectiveness at aiding clients in recovery to become more emotionally stable and staying clean and sober.

Individual Therapy Program At Vogue Recovery

If you are searching for an individual therapy program at Vogue, is a great place to be. At Vogue Recovery Center, we take a holistic approach to recovery. We work with clients to develop an individual treatment program that treats the entire person. 

Our program includes individual and group therapies, detox, dual diagnosis, and healthy nutrition. Contact us today at (866) 682-8449 to learn more about how our treatment program can help you live a life free of drugs and alcohol. 

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