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Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Does insurance cover rehab? The answer isn’t a simple yes and no. It is important that each individual seek insurance verification for the definitive answer. Insurance never has been a subject that is just plain and understandable. Each company has its own policies. There are some consistencies, however, and we will make things a bit clearer for you below.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

With the signing of the Affordable Care Act, any insurance company that wants to be part of the insurance marketplace has to cover both addiction rehab and mental health treatment. If a company is not part of the marketplace, it does not have to meet the same requirements. However, when asked “does insurance cover rehab?”, many state that they do, at least in part. Those who get their insurance through Medicaid are covered and so are those on Medicare, to a point. Insurance through the military also offers coverage of both rehab and mental health.

Things start to get confusing, however, because there is no absolute requirement for how long insurance must cover rehab. When answering the question “does insurance cover rehab?”, your insurance company will start to ask questions and make stipulations. One company may only cover certain types of programs. Another may only cover a limited amount of time, and some companies may limit the number of times you can enter rehab. Some insurance will cover outpatient but not inpatient, or may not include after-care. In all cases, you will most likely be subject to getting pre-approval from the insurance company and will have to undergo rehab at a place that is approved by the insurance company.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab? Exceptions Often Apply

Insurance companies are mainly in business to realize a profit and this means they have to consider their own best interests also when approving rehab treatment. For this reason, you will find that many will only cover short rehab programs or lower-cost programs. Most will not cover high-end programs that are considered luxurious centers. This means you may prefer a country setting but have to live with an inner-city program. Another exception may be a program that isn’t based on traditional rehab methods. Some of the newer methods that have been found effective still haven’t been around long enough to be approved by insurance companies. They want to know that if they pay out the money, the results are good ones.

What About Percentage?

Another thing that varies from one insurance to another is how much of the rehab cost they will cover. While one program may cover anywhere from 80 to 100 percent, another may only cover 40 percent. One program may require you to meet a deductible or make a co-payment, while another may not require either. The only way to know for sure exactly what you will be facing in the way of coverage is to sit down with your insurance agent and ask.

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