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7 Facts About Addiction Treatment Center That People Don’t Understand

The stigma surrounding addiction is alive and well. Addicts live in fear of coming out with their problems. This is not conducive to recovery. This is actually contributing to the problem. Considering the far-reaching consequences of drug addiction, it is quite shocking that there still exists so much misinformation. Addiction cannot simply be treated by admitting someone into a private rehab. It is a long and hard battle. These are several facts about addiction treatment center, which everyone ought to know.

  1. Addiction is not curable

A person choosing to stop being an addict will not cure them of addiction. It has no cure. Chronic disease is one that can receive treatment but not a cure. Addiction is a chronic disease. There is no argument here. Substance abuse changes the physiology of a person’s brain. It is structural, not only psychological.  

  1. Drugs change what is considered normal for an addict

When an addict consumes a drug it directly impacts their brain. They are blasted by a massive number of feel-good neurotransmitters. This is what the high is. If this artificial high continues for a prolonged period, it becomes the norm. Addicts become physically incapable of producing normal amounts of these neurotransmitters. This chemical and neurological dependency is what makes recovery so difficult.

  1. No addict looks the same

If I ask you to envision a drug addict it will probably look something like this. A haggard-looking person who is far too skinny, quite dirty, and who is a natural criminal. This person may exist, and this person may be a drug addict, but this is not necessarily the norm. Addiction spares no one. Anyone can be an addict.

  1. The prevailing cause of addiction is yet unknown

There are multiple suspects out there. These include genetics, trauma, abuse, mental disorders, and even peer pressure. While each can claim their own portion of victims, we still do not quite know what makes an addict.

  1. Recovery can be lethal

Recovery goes together with withdrawal symptoms. These are nausea, headaches, mood swings, muscle cramps, insomnia, and many others. Generally, the withdrawal period is extremely painful and there are cases where it can be lethal. It is therefore always safer to be under medical supervision whilst progressing through this period.

  1. Addiction is not limited to drugs

While a drug addiction has neurological effects, it is not the only form of addiction. A person can be addicted to anything. The defining characteristic is whether it is disrupting their lives.

  1. Addicts are not alone

Recovery may be wholly dependent on the addict, but that does not mean that they are alone. Addiction is a growing epidemic and there are scores of people and institutions which can help. The process of recovery is different for each addict. Not everyone has the luxury of attending a private rehab. It is each of our responsibilities to help our loved ones. To have good information about the disease is a good start. You can receive the best treatment for your addiction when you come to Vogue Recovery Center. For more information, please call (866) 682-8449.