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Common Abused Drugs

Most Abused Drugs in the US

Common abused drugs means different things to different people. There are so many ways to clarify this topic. What are the common abused drugs that are over the counter? What are the common abused drugs that are illicit? The most common abused drugs are going to be the least expensive drugs in terms of what people can afford. Vogue Recovery Center in Las Vegas and Arizona has an intensive outpatient program to help you recover from abuses of all kinds including common abused drugs.

The Most Common Abused Drugs

Though this topic has many layers, the top five on a variety of lists are the following: marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol and nicotine. When you consider all factors, abuse is a chronic misuse of a substance. This misuse includes its legality and quantity. For example, if you are taking someone else’s prescription Vicodin (your name is not on the bottle) it is abuse.

  • Marijuana, a hemp-derived drug containing the mind-altering chemical THC. Some short-term effects of marijuana or cannabis use include a slowed reaction time, balance and coordination mishaps, and increased heart rate. Over time, marijuana use can lead to mental health issues, and chronic respiratory issues.
  • Cocaine, an addictive stimulant made from the coca leaf. Some ill effects of cocaine use include dangers of heart attack, stroke and seizure due to increased body temperature, and heart rate.
  • Heroin, an opioid made from morphine. Users experience slowed breathing and heart rate due to this central nervous system depressant.
  • Because its socially acceptable, alcohol use is subject to alcohol abuse with the addition of various factors like predisposition and addiction. However, alcohol can be deadly in terms of its impaired judgment symptomatology. Overuse can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and other health-related problems. Also, due to impaired judgment, driving under the influence of alcohol is a lethal part of today’s society. It is categorized as a depressant.

Treatment for Common Abused Drugs Is In Vogue

Vogue Recovery Center has standard alcohol rehabilitation as well as substance abuse rehabilitation, detoxification, treatment and programming.

We feel that a lush setting complete with professional and qualified staff and clinicians is a great place to start the rest of your life. The luxurious facilities prove beneficial to our clientele. They can rest and relax while they face the challenges of becoming sober. No matter the substance, or co-occurring mental health disorder, Vogue Recovery Center is ready to help.

The professional staffers at Vogue Recovery Center want you to choose our facility. We have locations in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Phoenix, Arizona. Vogue Recovery Center is client-focused. As a result, our treatment facility adds a myriad of components to make your recovery experience successful . Some programming you’ll find at Vogue Recovery Center include:

  • Co-dependency treatment programming
  • Solution-focused case management
  • Continued care assistance
  • Buprenorphine-assisted detox programming
  • Prescription drug rehabilitation
  • Music therapy programming

This is just a sampling of the comprehensive programming we offer. Contact us Vogue Recovery Center online or call us today at (866) 682-8449.

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