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Interpersonal Therapy Program

Interpersonal Therapy Program

Interpersonal Therapy Program

Interpersonal Therapy Program in Nevada

Substance abuse can have devastating effects on even the closest relationships. As the addiction becomes deeper, friends can become alienated, partners estranged, and family members ignored. One of many types of treatment, an interpersonal therapy program (IPT) focuses on repairing relationships in order to treat the issues leading to drug or alcohol abuse.

About Interpersonal Therapy Programs

An interpersonal therapy program in Arizona, Nevada, or California is a short-term (12-16 weeks) treatment that identifies and treat major depressive disorder (MDD). A therapist identifies the interpersonal context in which the symptoms present themselves, placing the cause among four broad categories.

If a patient suffers from the death of a friend or relative, it’s called a complicated bereavement. A struggle with a partner, spouse, or other significant individual is called a role dispute. A major life transition, such as a new job, a move, or a marriage or divorce, is called a role change. The fourth category, interpersonal deficits, is uncommon and denotes the absence of a troublesome event.

An interpersonal therapy program in Nevada, California, or Arizona helps the patient address and understand the issue associated with the symptoms and to improve the communication and coping skills needed to deal with it effectively. By improving their interpersonal relationships, their stress levels decrease. When the issue ceases to be problematic, the treatment has been successful.

It’s important to note that IPT isn’t overly concerned with past relationships or events. In IPT, the emphasis is on very recent or current issues, with the belief being that these issues can be addressed more quickly and benefits felt sooner, thus improving the patient’s mood in short order. Other techniques address deeper-seated issues like childhood trauma.

Depression and anxiety often accompany a substance abuse problem. IPT has proven effective in addressing these and other mental health issues that go hand-in-hand with drugs and alcohol. IPT productively treats eating disorders, postpartum depression, and bipolar disorder.

Interpersonal Therapy Program in Arizona

Human beings are social animals by nature. Communicating with one another, sharing ideas, and organizing into groups have fueled the advancement of our species since the dawn of time. Our social network remains of the utmost importance to us today. It’s a source of power, pride, and personal strength. High-quality personal connections carry a lot of weight.

Substance abuse can interfere with these connections in a multitude of ways. Likewise, trouble with these connections can trigger substance abuse. The interplay between addiction and interpersonal relationships is why IPT—a relatively new form of therapy—holds such promise for treating substance abuse.

IPT focuses on mending the connection rather than diagnosing the cause or determining which problem came first. Whether a strained relationship led to more drinking or more drinking put a strain on the relationship makes little difference. An IPT therapist knows the bond between people, the substance abuse issue, and perhaps even an underlying mental health issue like depression will improve if the treatment is successful.

Interpersonal Therapy Program at Vogue Recovery

If you’re considering an interpersonal therapy program in Nevada or an interpersonal therapy program in Arizona, contact us at Vogue Recovery. At Vogue Recovery, we believe that addiction is a disease, not a personal failing. We offer comprehensive, effective treatments in a manner that doesn’t compromise your dignity. For more information about our interpersonal therapy programs or any of our other treatments, please call us at (866) 682-8449.

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