""I battled with addiction for the greater part of my life. I attempted a wide range of ways and varieties to get help and remain calm. While I managed to keep up long stretches of collectedness there was continually something that brought me back. It was a hard time. Life had turned out for the worst. I had lost my family and everybody including myself had abandoned me. Never did I feel alone at vogue recovery or did I feel like a number or simply one more customer. I felt important and like a priority. Much thanks to you Vogue recovery center for their focus and for helping individuals like I.""

Daniell K.

"Vogue Recovery Center has been a blessing for me and my family. I didn’t realize how dangerous it could be taking prescribed drugs in excess until it became a real problem to me. Luckily, the Center accepted my PPO plan and I could start a detox program. I’m so glad I have a chance to be part of their program. Thank you!”"


"I was going through a pretty dark period in my life and turned to do drugs. Initially, it was purely recreational, but then I started to depend on them. I felt more and more miserable, and couldn’t find a way out. It’s a situation and a feeling I don’t wish happen to anyone. My family was worried and we constantly fought, which made everything way worse. Eventually, my parents took me to the Vogue Recovery Center. Although I resisted at the beginning, now I’m glad they did it. I’m getting better and better in such beautiful place and receiving so much support from the Vogue’s team"


"My husband was going through some serious drinking problem. I didn’t even know when it started. He was a completely different person after several bottles. Our relationship was near breaking point and I didn’t know where to turn to for professional help. Thank goodness that one of our good friends recommended Vogue Recovery Center. After discussing it my husband, he agreed to go. The doctors were really caring and he was part of a very supporting group. It’s been 3 months so far and he’s making better and better progress. I’m very thankful with Vogue Recovery Center and their team"