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stages of addiction

Stages of Addiction

Am I An Addict?

It’s not easy to know if you are addicted to alcohol or an illicit substance. Contacting a professional at Vogue Recovery Center is a sound first step if you are questioning you or a loved one’s substance or alcohol use. We offer comprehensive programming for a variety of substance abuse and mental health issues. Don’t hesitate! Our addiction treatment center programs are the answer you’ve been looking for. Don’t prolong the inevitable. Start treatment today at Vogue Recovery Center.

What Are The Stages of Addiction?

Addiction experts tackle this question by offering several models while stating their inherent limitations. A multitude of variables come into play when it comes to knowing that you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addiction for each individual is just that – individual.

Thinking in terms of stages is a popular and efficient way to understand disease and disorder behaviors. However, that does not mean stages are always scientifically sound or based on research. Consequently, when it comes to the stages of addiction it is a good way to understand where you are at. You or your loved one’s substance use has become problematic. The behavior is causing alarms or waving red flags.  Understanding the disease of addiction with the stages of addiction approach is appropriate. It gives you an idea of the severity of the issue.

Understanding The Stages of Addiction

Make certain that you have professional guidance and making these assessments. Substance abuse addiction is extremely lethal. Here is a brief look at a general model of the stages of addiction:

The E. Morton Jellinek model has been adapted by many substance use disorder programs as well as 12-step programs.

The first stage is the pre-substance phase.  Jellinek was a clinician who was most interested in alcoholism; however, any substance can be described in this manner. In the pre-phase, the drug may only be used in social situations. You may begin to relate the use with good outcomes. These outcomes may include less tension or less stress in your life. As you use more and more of the substance, tolerance can develop.

The pro-dromal phase begins when you or a loved one begins to use the substance to cope with life situations.

At the crucial phase, you begin to lose control of your drug usage. The drug has taken over and you begin to make excuses for use despite the negative affects on your life.

The last and final stage is when you have lost all control over the substance usage. The chronic phase is when the substance controls your life.

The Jellinek model is universal in that the other stages of addiction models are quite similar. The other models have different foundations such as neurological processes and imaging.  Neurological processes and imaging are physiological and visual indicators that addiction is taking place and progressing.

Ending The Stages of Addiction

As a recovered addict, it is easier to see when you have entered each stage of addiction. At our luxury rehab center we want you to enter this new stage of your life – recovery.  There is help available now before your addiction progresses to the chronic stage of the disease. There is assistance available at Vogue Recovery Center.

We are a beautiful drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Phoenix, Arizona. Here you will find yourself with our professional, expert help.  Enjoy the luxury amenities as you conquer your substance and alcohol addiction.

A caring and competent staffer is waiting for your call right now, 24/7. Contact us online or call Vogue Recovery Center today at (866) 682-8449.

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