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man being comforted in group therapy illustrating the first stage of luxury alcohol rehab

The First Stage of Luxury Alcohol Rehab

The Stages of Change Model has 12 steps. It is a long, grueling process which is waged over an entire lifetime. An alcohol addiction is just like any other addiction, it is a disease. It is actually a chronic disease, one which can be treated but never cured. Getting booked into a treatment facility such as the addiction treatment center Las Vegas is not the end of the journey, it is only the beginning: the first stage of Luxury Alcohol Rehab.

What the first stage of luxury alcohol rehab?

This stage is characterized by precontemplation. At this point, an addict doesn’t even know that they are addicted. If you had to ask them, they would probably be defensive. They will vehemently deny that they have a problem. They will do everything in their power to convince you that they have everything under control, that everything is fine. You might even be given a whole host seemingly reasonable reasons as to why they are drinking so much. Despite all of this, at this stage, an addict is feeling the effects of their addiction. Whether they are conscious of it or not, is another story.

Signs that an addict is at this stage

At this point, the severity of the addiction is making itself known. An addict may be under financial pressure, due to the need to buy copious amounts of alcohol. They appear incapable of dealing with stress without alcohol. Their relationships are also probably taking the strain, and so is their physical state. The physical manifestation of an alcohol addiction may include difficulty sleeping, shaking, nausea and sweating. All of which can only be treated by having another drink. This is a sure-fire sign that the addiction has become a physical one. It is no longer simply a psychological dependency.

What can you do?

An addict in this preliminary stage probably has not hit rock bottom yet. They may even be still moderately functioning. But, rest assured, they are on a slippery slope. If the physical dependency has kicked in, then it is no longer a habit or a bad patch. It is an addiction. And, it will not be long before it has taken control of every aspect of their life. There is still an enormous stigma surrounding addiction. This has left addicts isolated and terrified to speak up about their problem. If you have any hope of reaching an addict, you cannot approach them with anger or resentment. Yes, this is extremely difficult but try to keep in mind that they are victims too. They are trapped in their own bodies, in their mind, and in a vicious cycle. Can you imagine how terrifying it must be? One method of handling an addict in denial is to hold an intervention. The topic of places like the addiction center Las Vegas, should not be anyone’s opening line. The point is to get the person to admit that they have a problem. Once they have done this, they can progress to the next stages and hopefully hop on the road to recovery.   If you need more information about our Luxury Alcohol Rehab Center in Las Vegas, please call us at (866) 682-8449.