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Does Luxury Rehab Mean Better Treatment?

Luxury rehabs have been around for decades, though they were few in number and exclusive to those belonging to the top echelons of economic prosperity. Most luxury rehabs had a reputation for catering only to Hollywood and musician elites as little more than an expensive vacation in exclusive locations peppered across the country. Although many employed evidence-based therapies and treatments, luxury rehabs were stigmatized as generally ineffective for recovery due to the extraordinarily high rates of relapse among their clients. Today, luxury rehab programs have expanded to serve more than society’s most elite clientele, and most have more advanced applications that are set up to be useful for a wide range of client with varying needs and preferences.

What is the Difference Between A Rehab and a Luxury Rehab?

Depending on the rehab program, the description of luxury can mean several different things, but there are certain features that most luxury rehabs offer, and they include:

  • private or semi-private (no more than two beds) rooms
  • chef-prepared meals
  • upscale and exclusive location
  • experiential therapy options like equine-assisted, art therapy and music therapy
  • individualized treatment and recovery plan
  • amenities like luxury linens, modern exercise facilities, organized outings, massage, and yoga

Most drug rehab programs aim to be as comfortable as possible, and this is to create a more home-like environment for clients. Luxury rehabs have the same goal of providing an environment that is more conducive to the lifestyles of clients, and multiple therapy and treatment options that are effective for a wide range of needs. A luxury drug rehab provides better treatment not necessarily because of the amenities or exclusive location, but because it can provide more approaches to addiction treatment. Everyone has unique needs, and preferences toward their life in recovery and luxury rehabs can provide many options and approaches to recovery for their clientele. All rehabs should have the same purpose of providing the tools and skills for recovering addicts to remain in recovery with necessary support and aftercare. The difference between luxury rehabs and other rehabs is that luxury rehabs are more likely to offer one or several therapies that can be most effective for more of their clientele. Some of the therapies available at luxury rehabs include the following:

  • psychotherapy
  • hypnotherapy
  • neurofeedback
  • adventure therapy
  • massage therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • marriage and family therapy

Most luxury rehab programs give clients the option to take a traditional 12-step approach or a non-traditional approach, to expand options for the needs of more clients.

Are Luxury Rehabs Worth the Cost?

Unlike luxury rehabs of several decades ago, today’s luxury rehabs are all over the country, available at many price points, and most accept health insurance. Luxury rehabs are more expensive than some others, but most are still well within financial reach for more people today than ever. Of course, there are plenty of luxury and executive rehabs that cost an enormous amount of money, but there are just as many that are reasonably affordable, especially with private health insurance. Everyone wants to feel comfortable at rehab, just as they would at home. Although rehab is not intended to be a posh vacation, it is easier for clients to be more focused and accepting of treatment when they are:

  • sleeping comfortably
  • eating nutritious and energizing meals
  • engaging in comforting and relaxing activities like yoga, exercise, and massage
  • able to receive in-house medical care at any time, if needed
  • afforded privacy without isolation

It is important to understand that luxury rehab is not a vacation from life, and regardless of the luxuriousness, rehab is a place to begin the hard work of recovery from addiction. The goal of a luxury rehab is to keep clients comfortable so they can focus on the work of recovery through a myriad of therapies and treatments available to them in the program. It can be easy to get caught up in the exclusivity and amenities of a luxury rehab program, but it is important to stay grounded and keep rehab amenities at a level that is relatively commensurate with the home environment. Whatever the cost of a luxury rehab, or if insurance covers the cost, the most important features of the rehab are the treatment and therapies offered. These are usually much more individualized than other rehab programs, and they are the foundations of the formula for long-term recovery from addiction.

Luxury Rehab is All About You

Over decades of research and innovations in addiction treatment, professionals agree that personalized treatment is the most effective form of therapy for addicts in rehab. Each person has his or her history of substance abuse, trauma, needs, and challenges, making personalized treatment an invaluable tool. This is also why luxury rehabs offer so many different forms of therapies. Even if a rehab only has twelve beds in a facility, each of those twelve clients receives a unique treatment and recovery plan that includes the therapies that are most effective for that person. Other personalized features of luxury rehab programs include the following:

  • individual therapy is offered several times a week, instead of once weekly therapy sessions
  • nutritional therapy individually diagnoses clients, based on their health and dietary needs
  • personalized exercise regimens designed for the individual, based on need and ability
  • around-the-clock medical staff is available to address medical needs at any time
  • psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and other therapeutic approaches are determined based on individual need, rather than as a fixed aspect of treatment

During luxury rehab, it is not so much about the luxuriousness of the environment, as it is the variety and personalization of the treatment offered. This is also why most luxury rehab programs are limited to a smaller population of six or twelve clients at a time, rather than many other rehab programs that can accommodate twenty to forty people at once.

Vogue Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab at Vogue Recovery is individualized to each client by providing evidence-based treatment with a holistic approach. At Vogue Recovery, clients enjoy luxury semi-private accommodations in an upscale community and a low 5:1 staff to client ratio. Luxury abounds at Vogue with state-of-the-art exercise facilities and daily chef-prepared meals. In addition to a wide variety of therapies and treatments, clients and their families are at the center of establishing a foundation for recovery. With campuses in Las Vegas and Arizona, Vogue Recovery provides the luxurious comfort and cutting-edge treatments to restore a life worth living and establish a new way of living a full life in recovery.