What Are Intensive Outpatient Programs?

man wearing glasses in driver's seat looking back at camera smiling as he remembers intensive outpatient programsIntensive outpatient programs, or IOP, act as a middle ground between inpatient and residential rehab and typical outpatient programs. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines intensive outpatient programs as Level II substance abuse care. Level II is below inpatient rehab and above other types of outpatient rehab. Its essential goals are to:

  • Help patients learn how to manage early-stage relapse symptoms.
  • Teach patients healthy coping mechanisms
  • Rebuild support systems for patients
  • Achieve emotional, physical, psychological, and social health in recovery

Most programs center on the group and individual therapy sessions. Intensive outpatient programs also feature meetings with a case manager to check progress and set goals. Arizona IOP and Nevada IOP vary by location.

Depending on your needs and specific intensive outpatient programs, IOP takes anywhere from 3-15 hours per week. Your typical IOP meets three days a week at roughly three hours a session. Nevada IOP and Arizona IOP generally take place at a private clinic or hospital, including Vogue Recovery. 

The 3 Phases of Intensive Outpatient Programs

The duration of Arizona IOP and Nevada IOP depends on the individual. Some patients conquer their addiction in as little as 24 weeks. Other patients, however, may take longer — there is no standard for the time it takes to recover. 

Phase one of intensive outpatient programs typically involves 10 to 11 hours of group therapy weekly. In most cases, IOP time splits between three nighttime sessions lasting around 3.5 hours. 

Phase two of IOP reduces the amount of time of each session. This phase usually consists of 7 hours a week, with two nighttime sessions lasting 3.5 hours each.

Phase three of intensive outpatient programs drops to one 3.5 hour night session per week.

Therapies Offered

Many rehab programs revolve around a schedule of therapy. Withdrawal during a medical detox program is the first step, followed by therapy. Therapy builds on the physical recovery of drug and alcohol detox by focusing on psychological recovery. In many cases, physical and mental recovery go hand in hand, thanks to co-occurring disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment treats co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness.

Arizona IOP and Nevada IOP offer evidence-based and behavioral therapies. This category consists of traditional psychotherapies, centered on a therapist and altering the patient’s behavior. Therapists correct negative behavior by exploring triggers and working on coping mechanisms to prevent them.

Vogue Recovery’s therapies include but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive processing therapy
  • Relative emotive therapy
  • Moral recognition therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR)

The other category of therapies offered in Nevada IOP and Arizona IOP is evidence-based therapy. Holistic therapies abandon the framework of traditional psychotherapy, using the power of positive experiences instead. These experiences include various types of massage, creative arts, outdoor activities, and fitness. Holistic healing centers on letting the patient vent the emotions behind their addiction through healthier channels.

The Benefits of Vogue Recovery

Intensive outpatient programs are one option for recovery, inpatient and residential rehab, partial hospitalization, and typical outpatient rehab. Why do people choose an intensive outpatient program over other options?

Arizona IOP and Nevada IOP offer a middle ground between 24/7 monitoring at inpatient facilities and other outpatient programs’ full flexibility.  IOP works best for “moderate” addicts who need more structure than typical outpatient programs. Many patients in intensive outpatient programs have been through inpatient programs. For the rest, an intensive outpatient program allows freedom and flexibility relative to inpatient drug rehab programs.

If you or a loved one need intensive outpatient programs, don’t delay! The Nevada IOP or Arizona IOP you need is a phone call away. Contact Vogue Recovery online or call us at 866.682.8449 for more information on our IOP and admissions.