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What Is Gestalt Therapy?

Having an individualized treatment plan to overcome your alcohol or substance abuse issue is the only way you will be able to achieve sobriety – period! What may have worked for a co-worker you know or a friend or family member is not going to work for you. Yes, the general parameters of their treatment may be a helpful resource, however, you must incorporate individual features so that you can engage in treatment and have success. You may have heard of gestalt therapy. Vogue Recovery Center has a great gestalt therapy program. What is gestalt therapy?

What is Gestalt Therapy?

You may have heard the term gestalt therapy in college or at a treatment program in the past.  You are serious about treatment and your query is urgent. What is gestalt therapy? How can I gain the best benefit from using it? These questions are great and illustrate that you care about getting the very best treatment. Answering the question – what is gestalt therapy? – when you are looking for treatment is smart. Your first day of group or individual treatment with gestalt therapy will not be a total shock.

Gestalt therapy differs from traditional psychoanalysis in that your present is the focus, as opposed to experiences from your past.  Past experiences are important, however, as they are used in gestalt therapy as well. You are made to re-enact past experiences by using role-play and other methods. This brings the experience into the present and you are made to feel the past trauma in the present day so that it may be properly addressed.

Gestalt is the German word for “whole” or “entire”. Founded and developed in the 1940’s by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman, gestalt therapeutic intervention endeavors to uncover the entire person. Once you garner a better sense of yourself in the present day, your confidence increases because you have become aware of yourself. This self awareness lays the foundation for being able to address your substance abuse or alcohol abuse problem. Gestalt therapy takes into account how you interact with your environment – home, family, work, school, etc. This goes along with the feeling of wholeness in your present day circumstance.

What Is Gestalt Therapy’s Utility?

With an emphasis on you and how you function as a whole in your everyday life, gestalt prepares you to achieve sobriety efficiently. You cannot blame others for your behavior, your drug use or abuse. What is gestalt therapy? How does gestalt relate to your sobriety? Can it be part of the journey to maintaining sobriety?  Essentially, in gestalt therapy you learn who you are today, not the victim you may have been in the past.  Coping mechanisms are taught that reflect the person you are today. In the past you may have coped by using drugs or alcohol. These substances were masking the unresolved feelings you had regarding past trauma. Gestalt brings you to the present day. The licensed and qualified professionals at Vogue Recovery Center will assist you in dealing with your issues realistically and healthily. The past is over.

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