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Questions to Ask a Treatment Center

Questions to Ask a Treatment Center Before Admitting

Selecting the right addiction treatment program for yourself or your loved one shouldn’t be a roll of the dice so we have provided Questions to Ask a Treatment Center to help you.  Unfortunately, there are some rehab centers that make false claims that they are the “cure all” for all types of addictions. Others fall short on their claims of offering proven treatments or don’t offer what is being advertised. Some give great attention to their clients, others don’t.   The fact is, not all rehabs are created equally. Alcoholism and drug addiction are fatal, life-altering and life-destroying diseases – and it is crucial to treat them as such. Be sure to choose the right treatment center. At Vogue, we strive to provide quality care in a luxury rehab setting in Las Vegas. When you are considering rehab for yourself or your loved one, arm yourself with the right questions to ask a treatment center. Oftentimes, there are surprises AFTER you arrive. Use this list of questions when choosing a treatment provider to ensure quality, effectiveness and the best fit for YOUR needs.

What is the environment at the facility like?

An environment where a client can relate to others and feel safe will help them focus on learning about their addiction. An environment that reflects respect and dignity will ensure that the patient doesn’t feel “institutionalized.” Recovery happens in a dignified setting. Recovery happens in a safe setting, and safety starts with honesty. Of course, everyone has a difference if perspective, but on the website and make sure the photos that are being displayed are the ones of the facility, not somewhere else. Vogue Recovery is a rehabilitation center in  Las Vegas that boost of a beautiful luxury “spa” type atmosphere…

What is the “CENSUS?”  

How many existing clients are there? What is the client-to-counselor ratio? How many people can facility take at one time in total? Is it gender specific?

important to maintain a  ratio that helps ensure clients receive the personalized care and attention required to effectively address their addictions. A very important question to ask a treatment center before admitting is about their census. It may be better for you if there’s a few people or many, and to get an idea of how large the facility is. Vogue Recovery is a rehabilitation center in  Las Vegas that strives to individualize each clients luxury “boutique” rehab experience. Vogue Recovery is a rehabilitation center in Las Vegas where the common ratio for staff-client care is 4 to 1. We have a combined gender facility, though separated by rooms. The total amount of clients at any one time at the facility is 6

Is the facility accredited?

National accreditation programs (such as The Joint Commission, the National Committee for Quality Assurance or the State’s accreditation organization), look for elements of addiction treatment that research has shown to be effective. State licensing is not the same as accreditation since states vary widely in their licensing requirements.  Vogue Recovery is a rehabilitation center in Las Vegas that is Joint Commission-certified  

Do the staff who work there have credentials, degrees, and proper licensing?

Credentials and licenses ensure that the person providing treatment meets nationally recognized standards for professional practice. Some of the credentials held by addiction professionals include LADC (licensed alcohol and drug counselor), LPC (licensed professional counselor), MFT (Marriage and Family Counselor). LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), RN’s (Registered Nurses) and MD’s. (Medical Doctor’s). As a client, you will be assigned an individual therapist. Therapists should at least have a Master’s level degree in Behavioral Science and Social Work and doctors should be board certified in Addiction Medicine. In addition to the staff’s background, the ratio of patients to therapists should be low so that each therapist has the time and energy to provide quality counseling.Most rehabs and treatment centers include credentials on their websites as well.

Is there a medical detoxification (“detox”) offered as a part of inpatient treatment?

Comprehensive, medically supervised detoxification ensures that patients are medically stabilized before beginning the multi-dimensional treatment process. The time this takes is dependent upon the use and varies from substance to substance. Typically, medically controlled detox can be 24 hours- ten days. At Vogue Treatment Centers, we have two nurses on staff, a medical doctor, a psychiatrist.

Does the program address a full range of needs to help the individual including medical, psychological, spiritual, social, and health and wellness issues?

Treating patients in a holistic manner, addressing mental health, physical health and spiritual health will lead to greater success while in addiction treatment and ultimately in recovery.

“What type of treatment modality is provided?”

Different rehabs offer different treatment modalities (how you will be assisted through proven techniques) – you should know what kind of help you or your loved one is going to receive.  When looking at an addiction treatment facility, make sure to take note of the treatment modality offered and ask why and how that modality will help your loved one. Often, it is a good policy to speak to an admissions person and the Clinical Director if possible. Many people who suffer from addiction also have a mental illness.  If your loved one deals with underlying mental or behavioral health issues, they may need to be treated for dual diagnosis. Many facilities advertise that they treat co-occurring disorders, but fall short of their claims. Make sure to ask:

Does the facility have the capability to make a diagnosis of co-occurring disorders – and treat them medically?

  A dual-diagnosis facility should be able to recognize and treat the underlying symptoms by making a recommendation for the proper medication for your loved one.  

What type of help is available for families?

Understanding the recovery process not only helps families heal, but is also important for building a healthy support system for those in early recovery. Helping the family get through the process, learn how to be supportive, and what to do in the aftercare is vital to the well being of the client.

Is there ongoing support after leaving treatment?

Treatment by itself is not enough to sustain recovery for most patients. An aftercare regimen that includes participation in some type of Twelve Step program (such as Alcoholics Anonymous) or other addiction mutual-help group is crucial. A good treatment program will actively help the patient move to the next appropriate level of care. Be sure to ask what transition program they have for clients after their departure. A good treatment program will be planning on this upon admittance. Is there a case manager? Will the facility help them find sober or transitional living? Will they help them locate a licensed and professional therapist at home? What kind of follow-up or accountability will be provided once your loved one finishes treatment? These questions shouldn’t be left as an afterthought. Don’t cross the bridge when you get there – ask about aftercare up front. At Vogue Recovery in Las Vegas, we understand the importance of transitioning out of treatment and back into “life.”

How much does it cost?

Treatment can be a significant expense. Navigating the complexities of insurance and other payment options can be confusing, so finding a treatment center that can help you through the details can make all the difference—particularly when tensions are running high. However note that by law, a treatment center may not advise you regarding the insurance you choose. It’s a good idea to look on their website to determine if your existing insurance or a new insurance will cover the cost.  Cash pay out of pocket will vary from center to center, as well as per client needs. At Vogue, we have an admissions team that can walk you through the process, and we take a variety of health insurance plans including Etna, United Healthcare (UHC), Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna to name a few

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