The fastest growing addiction in America is to prescription medications such as opiates (pain killers), Xanex, Ambien, Ativan, and other Physician prescribed substances. Despite the innocent beginnings of these medicines, their power can quickly overtake a patient and cause complete dependence and physical withdrawal when not using the drug. The agonizing physical and emotional pain that comes with discontinuing the use of the medicine can be overwhelming, and few are successful in quitting without medical assistance. Utilizing state of the art medicinal therapies the expert medical team at Vogue Recovery Center will taper your body away from these harmful and powerful substances. Relieving your body of its dependence while minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal. With the support and care of our on-site Physician and team of Nurses you will be able to focus on your goals and therapy rather than feeling sick or uncomfortable.

Comfort and Care During Detoxification

While the experience of withdrawal is never easy, Vogue Recovery Center endeavors to minimize the negativity with a variety of comfort enhancing components.

  • Round the clock medical support and personalized attention
  • Personalized nutrition from our on-site Executive Chef
  • Quiet, luxury home environment designed for relaxation
  • 24 hour personalized support by on-site staff

At Vogue, we understand that detoxification can be intimidating and that for many this alone can keep them trapped in their addiction. Allow us to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal as quickly as possible and give you the chance to focus on a life free of substance abuse.