If you are looking into drug rehab, Vogue Recovery center can help you.

Addiction Treatment Methods and Modalities at Vogue Recovery Center

At Vogue, we approach each patient with evidence-based, medical and psychological paradigms which form the best practices of the healthcare system. Through adherence to the above, we have earned the prestigious JCAHO Gold Standard Accreditation, an honor held by less than 10% of healthcare providers nationally. Some of the components of our treatment model include:
Multidisciplinary Treatment at Vogue Recovery Center

While addiction medicine has demonstrated through scientific research which approaches are most effective in substance abuse treatment, we also appreciate that no two people are identical and that recovery is an intimate and personal journey. This is why at Vogue Recovery Center we offer a vast array of treatment modalities, experiences, and creature comforts to ensure that every guest has a wide breadth of opportunities to learn, grow and achieve lasting success. To learn more about our world class program and luxury approach, call 1-888-504-6904 today.

If you would like to call us directly, feel free to call 1-855-700-8648, or send us a message.

Vogue Recovery Center’s exceptional accommodations, dedicated licensed professionals and participant success have helped it earn the JCAHO Gold Standard Seal of Accreditation.

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Vogue Rehab in Las Vegas is one of the few drug treatment facilities that are In-Network with the Nevada’s largest insurance, Sierra Health and Life.