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How to Live a Life Free of Bad Habits

Many of the bad habits that lead to addiction are very difficult to break.  It takes great self-discipline and determination. While the theory behind changing bad habits is discussed during private rehab and role plays are set, the real test comes when the recovering addict re-learn how to live a life free of bad habits. Here are ways to break bad habits and replace them with good habits (not new addictions).

A Daily Routine Can Break Bad Habits

If you set a daily routine that is clear and specific it will help you to break your bad habits.  Include the daily tasks you need to complete with timeframes you need to do them. You should also take time for meaningful activities such as meditation, exercise and support group meetings as these are great new habits to develop and can take your mind off the temptation to return to the habits that led you to addiction. Keep your routine as detailed as possible so that you don’t allow yourself time to give any thought to your bad habits.

Be Aware of Your Environment

It is easy to slip back into bad habits if you return to the environment in which your addiction developed.  Old friends and hangouts will only strengthen the temptation to relapse. Make a conscious decision to avoid such situations. Make a habit of going into environments that make you feel inclined to maintain your sobriety. Support group meetings are such an environment.  Seek out community events or activities that you can join that will put you in touch with positive people who inspire you to stay sober.  Consider volunteering your time for a cause close to your heart.

Set Goals for Yourself

Make sure you have a set of goals that you are working towards as part of your sobriety.  Have a list of reminders placed prominently in your home which states activities you are undertaking to break bad habits and form good ones. Include milestones along the way towards achieving your goal and reward yourself with something positive each time you reach one. Communicate your goals with your support network and advise them how to help you to break your bad habits. They will know what help to give you and support you on your journey to achieve your goals.

Careful Not to Replace Bad Habits with New Addictions

With an addictive personality, you must be careful when you break old habits in favor of good ones. Even these new good habits can lead you down the road to an addiction of another kind. For example, if you decide to break the habit of taking drugs with exercise, be careful that you do not become addicted to exercise as an escape. It can lead to other ills such as injury or even eating disorders due to a changing body concept perception.  The important thing to remember with new good habits is to practice them in moderation. For more information about addiction treatments, call Vogue Recovery Center at (866) 682-8449.