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How Alcohol Abuse Gets Worse Over Time

Alcohol abuse is a progressive, addictive condition. Unless the user stops drinking altogether the disease will continue to worsen over time. How long it takes to worsen will depend on the drinker, but it will inevitably worsen. This is because the usage patterns of alcohol will increase. That’s when alcohol abuse gets worse over time. At this point, the alcohol intake begins to increase and continues to do so steadily. A luxury alcohol rehab can make a difference when this happens.

Alcoholism Stage One – increasing the alcohol tolerance and heavy, episodic drinking bouts

In the initial stages of alcohol abuse, you are seeking oblivion and escape from the realities of your everyday life. Most of the time, you are not drinking every day. You may be able to go days, weeks, or even months without drinking. Alcohol is not first and foremost on your mind. It does not rule your routine. However, when presented with the chance to drink, you will do so to great excess. In doing this, you are increasing your body’s tolerance to alcohol. So now you are going to need more to bring on that feeling of oblivious bliss,

Alcoholism Stage Two – drinking to cope

When your drinking has progressed to this level, you are now using alcohol as a coping mechanism. Drinking is no longer about getting drunk. You’re no longer drinking because you see it as fun. Now drinking begins to preoccupy your mind. When you experience stress, you start to think about how drinking will make it better. As soon as you drink, you start to feel better about your situation. All the other coping mechanisms you have learned no longer have any validity in your life. The only way you can cope with anything is if you drink.

Alcoholism Stage Three – bargaining, isolation, and depression

The chemical component of alcohol is now permanently present in your brain because drinking is now a daily habit. This chemical component is a depressant which can cause depression. You have also reached a stage where you begin to make deals with yourself. These deals will focus on what you will drink, how much you will drink, etc. Making these deals with yourself makes you feel better and more in control. Your relationships with family and close friends will start to suffer because you are prioritizing alcohol over them. You may find yourself seeking a new group of friends who share your opinions, so you feel justified in drinking.

Alcoholism Stage Four – physical deterioration

Your appearance has begun to change. This is because of the build-up of alcohol in your body. Your liver and kidneys cannot process the alcohol in your body anymore. You may have a yellowish tinge to your skin (this jaundiced look is caused by a poorly functioning liver). You are experiencing digestive disorders because alcohol has taken the place of food in your diet. Your performance at work has worsened to the point that you may be fired soon.  You are about to hit rock-bottom. For more information about addiction treatments, call Vogue Recovery Center at (866) 682-8449.