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Addiction vs Recovery

When you are in the grips of an addiction, it’s hard to conceptualize what recovery could be like. In fact, most addicts won’t even try it, preferring instead to remain locked in their addiction despite its harmful effects on them. However, for addicts who have plucked up the courage to go through private rehab, the comparison between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ is so different that they can’t believe it. 

Daily routine

When you are addicted, your daily routine consists of getting up feeling awful. You need a fix to kickstart your day. You have no firm plans for the day other than finding or stealing the money you need to pay for drugs. During recovery, you wake in the morning feeling refreshed.  You have a plan for your day. Your plan includes all the activities you are going to do to maintain your sobriety.  You have scheduled support group meetings. There is time allocated to meditation and mindfulness to keep you on track. 


For an addict, relationships are worth only what material things you can get from them for the purchase of drugs. All ability to relate to these people who love you so much on a personal level has been consumed by your addiction. When you do not get what you want from them, you become abusive towards them. In recovery, you have a newfound appreciation for your friends and family. They are a support network that helps you to maintain your sobriety. You understand the hurt you have caused them and try to show every day that you have changed.  Also, you accept that there are times that they will say “no” for your own benefit. Health During addiction, your health is suffering.  When you wake up in the morning, you are hungry.  But you do not eat. You believe that the only thing that will satisfy your appetite is drugs or alcohol. Your muscles are weak because you get no exercise. Your immune system is depressed because you are not eating a healthy diet. During your stay in a luxury recovery center, you learn about the value of eating, sleeping, and exercising well.  You eat balanced meals and get a good night’s sleep every night. Daily exercise is also important. You can learn how to incorporate yoga into your exercise routine, as it calms and centers you on your path to sobriety. Future If you are trapped in addiction, your future is uncertain. Substance abuse not only makes you feel worse and worse, but it can lead to severe consequences. The people you were associated with during addiction may also do you harm. Once you have started your recovery, your future is brighter. It’s easier for you to make plans and set goals. You have milestones that you need to reach to achieve your goals and reward yourself for reaching them. You are no longer afraid of what the future holds, for the world is once again a place of opportunities for you. For more information about addiction treatments, call Vogue Recovery Center at (866) 682-8449.