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Cognitive Therapy Program

Cognitive Therapy Program

What is a Cognitive Therapy Program?

Cognitive Therapy Program

Therapy is the key psychological component of addiction recovery. Rehab centers offer multiple methods of therapy so that they can provide for many people’s needs. One of the main techniques that rehab centers provide is a cognitive therapy program. Studies show this program is as effective as medicine in treating depression.

Rehab therapists uses these programs to treat several types of psychological issues. The program treats co-occurring substance use and mental illness via dual diagnosis treatment. It also focuses on patients’ biases and thought distortions to correct behavior. Along with addiction, this program treats anger, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

This program changes how patients think by teaching them self-help and coping skills. Patients consciously use skills learned in a cognitive therapy program in Nevada to change their behavior and feelings. A cognitive therapy program in Arizona is action-oriented and rational.

Techniques That Are Used

Some rehab centers offer a cognitive therapy program as part of residential and inpatient rehab. However, usually, the program is part of intensive outpatient programs or standard outpatient rehab

A licensed therapist conducts sessions in both individual and group settings. Compared to conventional psychotherapy, the program is shorter, lasting for up to 12 sessions. Therapists in this program in Arizona vary techniques based on patient needs. 

Cognitive rehearsal teaches patients how to cope with their problems. During sessions, therapists ask patients to relive tough situations they’ve gone through in life. The therapist and patient work together to practice how to deal with triggering situations. Cognitive rehearsal allows patients to draw upon practiced behavior when tempted in real life. 

Therapists using the guided discovery technique ask patients a string of questions. This process guides patients towards recognizing biases or distortions in their thinking. By identifying irrational thoughts and behaviors, therapists help patients improve their thinking. 

Therapists also ask patients to keep a journal. Journals are a crucial piece of any cognitive therapy program. Patients pour their emotions and thoughts onto the page, leading to self-discovery. Journals also help reinforce insights made during the program. Therapists sometimes ask patients to apply new coping mechanisms and detail the results. 

Therapists also practice validity testing, in which patients defend their beliefs and thought processes to their therapist. Validity testing exposes faulty thoughts and beliefs for the benefit of the patient. 

Types of Cognitive Therapy Programs

Each program is different. A cognitive therapy program in Arizona might use one technique, while a cognitive therapy program in Nevada might choose another. There are a variety of distinct therapies within this program. Vogue Recovery offers multiple choices for you and your therapist to discuss.
Vogue Recovery’s cognitive therapy programs include but are not limited to: For more information on how these programs work, or how it affects your addiction treatment, call Vogue Recovery Center today.

Benefits of a Cognitive Therapy Program

When you or a loved one undergoes this program, you want proven results. Scientists have proven evidence-based therapies help treat addiction and mental illness. Unlike holistic methods, the program involves professional therapists helping you overcome negative behaviors.

Whether its a program in Arizona or Nevada, you want the best treatment. Vogue Recovery’s array of programs offer the most comprehensive list of treatments. Our mission is helping you down the winding road of recovery, and away from your addiction.

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