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Behavior Therapy Program

Behavior Therapy Program

If you’re ready to start addiction treatment, or if you have already begun addiction treatment, you may have heard the term “behavior therapy” from your therapist or treatment specialists. If you’re wondering what behavior therapy is, we can help. Whether you’re looking for a behavior therapy program in Nevada, Arizona, or California, we can help you get addiction treatment through our addiction recovery programs.

What is a Behavior Therapy Program?

Behavior Therapy Program

Behavior therapy is a general term addiction treatment specialists use to identify the types of therapy our specialists use in the addiction treatment process. These types of therapy help you examine the unhealthy lifestyle choices and behaviors that lead or have led you to use addictive substances. When you understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can use better coping mechanisms. They can also help you accept your triggers and find ways to counteract them. A behavior therapy program can benefit children and adults. Therapists use this method to treat a variety of disorders in addition to substance abuse. For instance, we use the behavior therapy program to treat conditions, such as:

What Types of Behavior Therapy Programs Do You Use?

At both the behavior therapy programs in Arizona, California, and Nevada, we use several types of therapy to assist our patients. We know that every patient is different, so we tailor the treatment options to your needs. However, three of our “go-to” therapies include:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This treatment option is an evidenced-based therapy that is popular in both addiction and mental health treatments. Treatment focuses on how your beliefs and thoughts influence your moods and actions. It tends to center on your problems and tools for solving them. The goal of this therapy is to change how you think. Changing your thought patterns will then change your behavior to making healthy choices.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy is similar to cognitive behavior therapy. However, DBT uses the psychosocial viewpoints of treatment. Like cognitive behavior therapy, during DBT, you will identify thoughts and beliefs that make life more challenging. These thoughts can be as harmful as, “Because I drink, I must be a horrible person.” Once you identify these thoughts, you practice changing your thought patterns to notions such as, “I’m not a horrible person, I just made a mistake.” You will also work with your therapist to work out problems in your relationships.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing helps you decrease your uncertainty about the treatment. You and your therapist focus on the motivational processes that assist in making lasting change. You do this by answering open-ended questions. Your therapist will also help you by affirming your successes and accomplishments. You can communicate your fears and doubts about the treatment, without any repercussions. Through this process, you encourage yourself to make the changes necessary for your recovery.

In addition to these therapy modalities, the behavior therapy program in Nevada, California, and Arizona also offer treatment options, such as:

Behavior Therapy Program

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The behavior therapy program in Arizona, California, and Nevada are excellent options for individuals suffering from any addiction. We treat a variety of substance use disorders, including:

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