Addiction Rehab Center at Vogue Recovery Center

At Vogue Recovery Center we offer an abundance of comfort in a luxury, customized environment. We strive to ensure each guest feels attended to and cared for by our team of experts and medical professionals.

Awarded the gold standard certification from the Joint Commission, a standard achieved by only 10% of health care providers nationally, Vogue is dedicated to rigorous quality assurance and clear ethical guidelines.

Some of the unique aspects of Vogue Recovery Include:


  • Individualized Therapy – Working with your Clinician, you will develop a customized treatment plan and have multiple one-on-one sessions each week as you work toward your personalized goals.
  • 24-Hour Medical Care – Our Physician directed on-site nursing staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to your health and comfort.
  • Exclusive Environment – Unlike other programs which can have dozens or even hundreds of patients at a time, Vogue ensures a quality driven maximum of 10 guests at a time.
  • Abundant Accommodations – Nobody does hospitality like Las Vegas. Our Executive Chef, professional massage, yoga and physical fitness program provide ample attention and comfort.