Music Therapy at Vogue Recovery Center

Some lessons in life can’t be taught, they can only be felt. Music and art have an ability to weave through us and bring us truth that we otherwise would have missed. At Vogue we invite professional performers to be our artists in residence and provide meaningful musical and interactive experiences for our guests. Through the therapeutic power of art and music you will access new ideas and feelings that will guide and transform your journey into long term life change.

Multidisciplinary Treatment at Vogue Recovery Center

While addiction medicine has demonstrated through scientific research which approaches are most effective in substance abuse treatment, we also appreciate that no two people are identical and that recovery is an intimate and personal journey. This is why at Vogue Recovery Center we offer a vast array of treatment modalities, experiences, and creature comforts to ensure that every guest has a wide breadth of opportunities to learn, grow and achieve lasting success. To learn more about our world class program and luxury approach, call 1-888-504-6904 today.