Las Vegas Rehab Facility

Adventure Experiences at Vogue Recovery Center 

The first priority for every guest is stabilizing their health and assisting them in feeling better. Once you’re feeling like yourself again we incorporate activities each week to get you out into the fresh air and having interesting and dynamic experiences. Nature walks and hiking in Nevada’s famous Red Rock National Park, horseback riding through quiet desert trails, tours of museums and art exhibits, and even visits to the cool pine-crested peaks of Mt. Charleston are among the variety of trips guests will take as we seek to have intentional and inspiring experiences together.

Multidisciplinary Treatment at Vogue Recovery Center

While addiction medicine has demonstrated through scientific research which approaches are most effective in substance abuse treatment, we also appreciate that no two people are identical and that recovery is an intimate and personal journey. This is why at Vogue Recovery Center we offer a vast array of treatment modalities, experiences, and creature comforts to ensure that every guest has a wide breadth of opportunities to learn, grow and achieve lasting success. To learn more about our world class program and luxury approach, call 1-888-504-6904 today.