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Modern science acknowledges that the addictive behavior is a sign of mental disorder and that addiction itself is a disease. Where the scientific community is split, however, is whether addiction can be treated or not. Some clinicians claim addiction is incurable, others, like us, at Vogue Recovery Center, believe the opposite.

The rehabs in Phoenix stand proof that addiction can be cured, albeit through numerous clinical and psychological approaches. And this is where many rehabilitation centers fail the most – focusing on the wrong aspects of drug addiction. Our rehabilitation programs follow specific guidelines to ensure a higher success rate, including:

  • Detailed screening – It is the first stage of the rehab process everyone goes through. Our purpose is to find out the patient’s medical and social background. Things like co-occurring disorders, the social environment the patient comes from, the age, race, and his job, can all play a significant role in how the addictive behavior will unveil.
  • Clinical detoxification – Next on the list is controlling the withdrawal symptoms and cleansing the brain from the drugs’ effects. This stage might go on for months or years even, depending on the severity of addiction, the type of substance, and the patient’s profile, among other aspects. This is where many rehab institutions stop and where we begin.
  • Psychiatric therapies – The co-occurring disorders are the most dangerous aspect when it comes to addiction because substance abuse can exacerbate the symptoms of the mental disease and vice-versa. Our rehab treatment uses dual-diagnosis programs to identify and treat both the addiction and the collateral mental disorders at the same time.
  • Emotional therapies – The leading rehabs in Phoenix will focus on spiritual healing just as much as they do on that of the body. If the patient is the victim of physical or psychological abuse, his emotional stability might be disrupted, at which point only a professional can deal with the problem decisively. The emotional therapies we’ve put in place treat the underlying psychological triggers that may be responsible for supporting the addictive behavior.
  • Psychological counseling – People need the moral support of the loved ones to feel validated and cherished, and this is precisely what we’re offering. Our group therapies allow family members to join in and provide their emotional support patients need during the recovery process.
  • Relapse prevention – Seeing how relapse has such a high incidence among addicts, one of our primary concerns is to develop relapse prevention mechanisms to lower those numbers. For this purpose, we help patients improve the coping skills they need to control their cravings and remain sober ideally for the rest of their lives.

The leading rehabs in Phoenix are meticulous, and they need to be since addiction is a complex and hard to combat mental disorder with severe implications in the long run. At Vogue Recovery Center we only use certified, and safe rehab programs not only to reform the addictive behavior but bring some hope into the patient’s life as well. You must not try to fight addiction alone – you will lose by default. Come to our centers and leave that to our professionals!

Rehabs In Phoenix
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