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Scientists have been trying for decades to break down the mechanism of substance addiction and, until recently, they haven't had too much success. What we now know is that addiction is a mental disorder with severe repercussions in the long run. We also know that identifying what fuels the addictive behavior and how to effectively correct it are vital for the rehabilitation process. And, at the Vogue Recovery Center, this is precisely what we're doing.

Our programs of drug rehab in Phoenix have helped thousands escape the grip of substance addiction over the years. The effect of opioids on the nervous system builds up in time, with the brain eventually developing tolerance to the drug. For the patients to experience the same mental output, they will have to increase the dose, as well as the frequency. Although at a lower intensity, the same mechanism is visible with alcohol consumption.

The effects can be devastating, leading to drug overdose and alcohol poisoning. The graphics are compelling in this sense:

  • More than 65,000 Americans die every year due to a drug overdose

  • Over 2,200 people die of alcohol poisoning in the same timeframe, making for six deaths per day

  • In 30% of the cases, alcoholism is one of the primary factors leading to alcohol poisoning and death

  • In all cases of alcohol poisoning, binge drinking was the primary factor responsible for the effect (ingest more than five drinks in less than two hours)

  • 22 million Americans suffer from drug use disorder

Seeing how drug addiction and alcoholism are mental disorders with vast implications in the lives of those affected, it is imperative to put together effective and reliable treatments.

The programs of drug rehab in Phoenix rely on several aspects to increase the efficiency of the treatment:

  • Strict control – The inpatient program places the patient in a controlled environment, where specialists can supervise his reaction to detoxification, the effectiveness of the therapeutic sessions, and the individual’s progress throughout. It is a necessary stage in the rehabilitation process and the one with the highest success rate.

  • The involvements of the loved ones – Studies have shown that family and friends can contribute to the patient’s recovery significantly. Their moral and spiritual support can prove invaluable for the patient's mental health. Our family therapy sessions promote a healthier, stronger familial environment; all for the benefit of the patient and other members of the family as well.

  • Personalized care – Our psychiatrists and healthcare professionals will develop recovery strategies that focus on improving the individual's social skills, develop coping mechanisms to prevent relapse, teach personal responsibility, and support an easier reintegration in the society.

These approaches make the rehab in Phoenix one of the top treatments for drug and alcohol addiction, and Vogue Recovery Center one of the leading facilities in the country. No matter how advanced and aggressive substance addiction might be, together we can find a solution. Don’t let it take control over your life and take you to places you may not return from. Act now, and your life will change for the better immediately!

Rehab Phoenix
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