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What Is Interpersonal Therapy?

What is Interpersonal Therapy? A Step In The Right Direction

Getting some background on your treatment options can only improve your success in treatment. That is clear. What is not so clear is the conflicting information you gather on the internet. Vogue Recovery Center does not want to be vague here.  Whether the information is for you or a loved one, we want you to garner a better understanding of what is interpersonal therapy (IPT). Feel free to contact us to gain information on our interpersonal therapy program at Vogue Recovery Center.

What is Interpersonal Therapy?

Interpersonal therapy, or IPT, works with substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment as well as mental illness treatments. What is interpersonal therapy as opposed to other therapies?

Like any other therapeutic intervention, there is much research and diversified opinions regarding IPT. Some experts feel that interpersonal therapy can only be used in mental health treatment where there is a depressive disorder.

Interpersonal therapy is a treatment intervention that helps you change relationship patterns. Instead of the individual utilizing maladaptive behaviors such as the behaviors that occur with depression (isolation, alienating behaviors), the individual is taught how to improve how they relate to others. You may ask what is interpersonal therapy and how can it help me with my substance abuse issue?

What Is Interpersonal Therapy? A Way To Repair Relationships

People abuse drugs and alcohol due to their interpersonal sensitivity. This sensitivity brings about feelings of alienation and aloneness. Alienation, exacerbated by life changes like death of loved ones or divorce, leads to substance abuse. IPT is a short and time-constrained program that typically lasts from 12 to 16 weeks. Group members are also encouraged to review current and past relationships and how they may have affected their substance use. The entire focus of IPT is how things impact your interpersonal relationships.  Another topic that is addressed in the interpersonal therapy session is how active substance abuse, negatively affected the interpersonal relationships of the group members. Mending interpersonal relationships is a major component of the IPT group process.

What is Interpersonal Therapy at Vogue Recovery Center?

Our clinicians and treatment staffers will help you better understand exactly what is interpersonal therapy and how it can be used in any treatment modality. Therapy is just the umbrella. The type of therapy employed in your unique situation is a key factor in determining your success. Work with the staff at Vogue Recovery Center to determine which type of treatment modality will work best for you. Discuss interpersonal or gestalt therapy interventions as well as other forms of therapy. We want the best outcome for you!

Put Substance Abuse In The Past

Don’t dwell on the past, but examine it. While it informs the present, it cannot be redone.  You’ll find everything that you need to successfully recover from alcohol and substance abuse at Vogue Recovery Center.  Some programs we offer include:

With locations in Arizona, California, and Nevada, Vogue Recovery Center lets you get away in luxury while dealing with addiction. There are two schools of thought when it comes to seeking rehabilitation treatment. Some feel that being close to home is advantageous, while others feel they need a complete retreat in order to get the job done. Our luxurious rehabilitation program offers both outpatient programming and residential treatment. Call us today at (866) 682-8449 to find out how you can be the change you need.

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