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How To Stage An Intervention For An Alcoholic

Staging an intervention is not easy. Consequently, when you want to learn how to stage an intervention, it’s not a bad idea to get some professional advice. Vogue Recovery Center is here to help you. Whether you need to know how to stage an intervention for an alcoholic or how to stage an intervention for someone suffering from another substance abuse issue, certain guidelines should be followed.  Plan your intervention so that it can be successful and lead to treatment.  Vogue Recovery Center will be here for you when you’re ready to begin the rehab admissions process.

How To Stage An Intervention

An intervention is not always necessary. First, let’s define an intervention. An intervention is any time one or more persons get together to convince a loved one or friend they need to enter behavioral therapy, substance or alcohol abuse treatment. Sometimes your family member or loved one may respond to a simple conversation. This conversation will include the reasons why you’re concerned about their substance or alcohol use. The fact that your conversation may not have been effective does not negate the need to encourage your loved one to seek treatment. Plan an intervention with a group of concerned individuals who are committed to getting the person to begin treatment. It is important to leave as many negative behaviors, actions and phrasings out of the intervention. The bottom line is that your loved one needs help. They cannot see it for themselves. Only use people who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of the person. There are different types of interventions and a myriad of ways to conduct an intervention. Some people decide to have a law enforcement officer or a hospital staffer discuss the importance of treatment with an addict. Some families decide to have a professional interventionist become involved. There is no right way to conduct an intervention. Keep the bottom line intact – getting help for a sufferer.

How To Stage An Intervention Successfully

  • Postpone the intervention if the person is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • Don’t use unnecessary people. Having too many people can be intimidating for your loved one.
  • Try to avoid excessive emotions. Waiting until you are feeling calm will produce a better outcome. Interventions that are extremely emotional may not be as effective.
  • Remember that this person is not fully accepting of their condition. Try to avoid labeling your loved one. Calling them a “junkie” or an “addict” will seem combative at this juncture.

5 Tips for Hiring an Interventionist

So, you’re on your last resort option to save your addicted loved one from further suffering and maybe even death. Where do you start? You can start by hiring a moderator. Hiring an interventionist is a crucial decision. It’s the difference between your loved one choosing treatment or rejecting it. There are some important things to consider during the research and hiring process. Keep reading to find out what the 5 most important tips for hiring an interventionist are.

1 – Be Prepared to Pay

If you want to have a successful intervention you need to be prepared to pay more for a better moderator. Some charge an initial flat fee, others will charge by the hour. Plus, if they are coming from out of town, they may charge you an extra fee for their hotel expenses. These fees are rarely covered by insurance plans, so consider saving money in advance or rallying funds together with your family.

2 – Check Their Credentials before hiring an interventionist

Did you know that any person can call themselves an interventionist and perform interventions if they want to? There’s no requirement for them to be certified. However, you should choose someone who is certified because it means they have specific training and knowledge that will make hiring an interventionist more successful. When hiring an interventionist, always check their credentials online to validate their knowledge and training.

3 – Meet the Interventionist Before Hiring an Interventionist

An intervention requires lots of planning. Usually, the family and the moderator will have multiple meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. These meetings might not happen quickly so be prepared for a few month’s worth of meetings to happen before the actual intervention. The meetings will go over what your family wants and what the consequences are if your loved one denies treatment.

4 – Different Models of Hiring an Interventionist

You should research the type of intervention model that best suits your family and your loved one before hiring a moderator. Some models of intervention allow them some notice so they can prepare. Interventions that ambush the addict can be unpleasant for all involved, but still effective. You must decide which is more likely to work with your family. Not all moderators are experienced in all models, so you may need to scout out someone who is familiar with the model you prefer. Another option would be to hire a drug counselor to counsel the addict into choosing to go to treatment on their own.

5 -You Don’t Have to Use Their Suggestions

The moderator will have relationships with different treatment centers they prefer to recommend. You should always do your own research on treatment centers before agreeing to the one they suggest. Some centers focus on alcoholism, others on drug rehabilitation. Vogue Recovery Center treats both among many other types of addictions. Regardless of which center you agree on, the moderator will be able to prepare you and your family for what the initial intake will be like.

How To Stage An Intervention For An Alcoholic

Want to know how to stage an intervention for an alcoholic or a substance abuser of any sort? The answer is to just do it. Plan first, but don’t delay. Simply come into contact with your loved one and get down to business. No need to lie about the reason the contact is necessary. “Can I stop by later, just needed to run something by you” – is a good opener.  The goal is an effective intervention, then treatment. It will not be pleasant. Vogue Recovery Center has two locations. Our Phoenix location provides Residential Care for substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment. Our Las Vegas facility is replete with all levels of substance abuse treatment. Some of the programming you’ll find at Vogue Recovery Center includes:

We are unabashedly luxurious at Vogue Recovery Center. We want you to get a sense of how very precious you are. Now that you got more information on how to stage an intervention, contact us online or call us today at (866) 682-8449. There is someone here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you begin the process of recovery.

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