Outpatient Rehab Las Vegas

Las Vegas has many temptations, and sometimes these temptations can trigger a substance addiction. Left untreated, this mental disorder will progress to advanced stages fast. At Vogue Recovery Center, we use several methods to prevent that from happening and fully rehabilitate the patient.

There are two types of rehab programs: inpatient and outpatient. The first relies on strict control and 24/7 supervision, while the outpatient rehab in Las Vegas is part-time, aiming to find a middle-ground between the patient’s substance problems and his personal and public life. Not everybody can participate in full-time drug rehab programs for weeks or months on end.

For this reason, we have created the outpatient program which we can adjust to your social needs. This will allow you to keep pursuing your daily program as usual, whether it is keeping your job or attend your college classes, for instance – all while our professionals will assist you in fighting addiction and improving your life considerably.

The benefits of the outpatient program

As a general rule, the outpatient program accommodates two categories of patients: those who’ve graduated the inpatient/residential program or those who qualify from the get-go, whose condition is manageable without the need for intensive care. Regardless of the category you belong to, there are several advantages of signing in our outpatient rehab in Las Vegas:

  • A higher level of privacy – We know our clients’ privacy is essential and, while we can ensure the maximum of intimacy, the patient might not always be able to do the same. It is difficult to justify several weeks or months of absence from work or school. The outpatient treatment solves that problem since you don’t require hospitalization or intensive care.

  • Teaching a sense of responsibility – Being free to leave the rehab institution during the treatment can have unexpected benefits. The addict will learn the importance of being responsible and manage the temptations on his terms. And it is this feeling of empowerment that could work wonders during the recovery process.

  •  Extensive educational sessions – During the outpatient program, the focus will shift from the detoxification and the psychiatric treatment to educating you about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. At the same time, our specialists will teach you how to develop coping mechanisms necessary in dealing with the cravings and avoid the temptations for the rest of your life.

  • A powerful social tool – The outpatient program is an excellent opportunity to meet people with the same problems as you, learn to understand their situation and create friendships that will extend beyond the walls of the institution.

The outpatient rehab in Las Vegas is one of our most valuable programs here, at Vogue Recovery Center. It allows us to bring people together, train them into adopting a healthier, happier lifestyle, leave their addiction behind, and start seeing the world with different eyes. If you’re in need of urgent assistance, come to our center, and we will treat you as a member of our family!

Outpatient Rehab Las Vegas
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