MDMA Ecstasy addiction treatment at Vogue Recovery Center includes expert psychotherapy and a multidisciplinary approach designed to give you a customized goal-oriented experience. Utilizing the science of addiction medicine in a comfortable, exclusive environment – Vogue provides an abundance of comfort and path to restoration.

Using a solution-focused approach, our team will address the many reasons you began abusing MDMA Ecstasy. Taking into consideration your family history, traumatic life events, unique stress factors, relationship challenges and individual patterns – our experts will assess your strengths and weaknesses and design a customized treatment plan that meets your personal needs.

Symptoms and Dangers of MDMA (Ecstasy) Addiction

3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) is a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception (awareness of surrounding objects and conditions). It is chemically similar to both stimulants and hallucinogens, producing feelings of increased energy, pleasure, emotional warmth, and distorted sensory and time perception.

Health effects of MDMA Ecstasy abuse can include: Lowered inhibition; enhanced sensory perception; confusion; depression; sleep problems; anxiety; increased heart rate and blood pressure; muscle tension; teeth clenching; nausea; blurred vision; faintness; chills or sweating; sharp rise in body temperature leading to liver, kidney, or heart failure and death; Long-lasting confusion, depression, problems with attention, memory, and sleep; increased anxiety, impulsiveness, aggression; loss of appetite; less interest in sex.

If you or somebody you love is using MDMA Ecstasy, it is important that they receive immediate medical help to end their use of the drug and experience symptom relief. At Vogue Recovery Center our team of medical and clinical experts can provide the personalized treatment needed to end the cycle of abuse and renew the body and mind.