Inpatient Drug Rehab Phoenix

It is evident that modern societies are battling a drug epidemic and that the US is on the frontlines of this brutal, never-ending war. Although drug consumption has decreased over the past decades, especially with specific drugs like heroin, we are far from being in the safe zone. At the Vogue Recovery Center, everything we do is for the good of the society and, sometimes, that means going out-of-the-box.

The inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix is the coronation of our efforts, as we have combined standard medicine with innovation in ways few have been able to do. Conventional clinical approaches have been proven to be incomplete and only partly useful. The statistics are precise in that regard:

  • Government data shows that over 23 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol

  • The nationwide costs of drug addiction exceed $240 billion every year

  • The genetic predisposition towards developing addiction is around 40% to 60%, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) 

  • Without professional assistance, the patients will fail to overcome addiction on their own; due to the severity of the withdrawal symptoms; most will relapse shortly after

  • The rehabilitation centers are people's preferred choice and the most effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction 

These statistics show that there’s a need for drastic measures and our programs achieve just that. But how effective are they in the long run?

Is drug addiction treatable?

As pointed out by several studies on the matter, drug addiction is a mental disorder that is only treatable in certified institutions. The inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix is proof in that regard. We have combined knowledge and decades of experience to ensure the maximum of success in fighting the disease. Drug addiction can be treated and controlled, so long as the patient signs in the rehab program as soon as possible. 

The inpatient program is one of the most effective options for several reasons, but the underlying motive is the higher degree of control. We will place the patient in a strictly controlled environment where our specialists can supervise the response to the treatment, note the individual's progress, and make the necessary adjustments in time.

Our multidisciplinary treating methods will make a huge difference in the end. The goal of the rehab process is not to only alleviate the symptoms of the disorder, but to restore the patient’s personality, behavior, and the ability to control cravings. In addition to that, our psychologists and behavioral therapists will teach the individual social skills to help him get a job, become financially independent and evolve into a balanced, stable member of the society.

Can we treat drug addiction? Yes, with the help of the inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix, we can. The Vogue Recovery Center is among the leading institutions in the country, where we use knowledge and passion to battle one of the worst disease epidemics in the history of America. Don’t let addiction destroy your world. We are at your disposal 24/7, ready to change your life for good.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Phoenix
Vogue Recovery Center
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