Inpatient Drug Rehab Las Vegas

As shown by several studies over the years, the Sin City ranks third in the top of the states where drug and alcohol addiction are the most prevalent. The temptation is high and when people’s cravings are unleashed, the consequences can be disastrous. In such a catastrophic climate, the Vogue Recovery Center has become a safety net for so many people falling victim to one of the epidemics of modern age – drug addiction.

The inpatient drug rehab in Las Vegas has been proven to be among the most successful programs in the country and for good reasons. Studies have shown that the inpatient program offers the highest graduation rate, with over 73% of the addicts successfully completing the treatment.

Unfortunately, the relapse is common with drug addiction, affecting approximately 80% to 90% of the individuals, especially within the first year of finalizing the rehabilitation program. It is a natural trait of addiction which has led many scientists to claim it cannot be treated, but merely controlled. However, the reality suggests otherwise.

Removing temptation, training people

Temptation is the soul of Las Vegas. It is what its magic feeds upon to attract tourists every day. Yet temptation can have dire consequences when left running wild, which is why the inpatient program is the key in setting things straight. The claim that we train people is not an exaggeration because we believe this is what lies at the foundation of an effective rehabilitation program.

In other words, the inpatient drug rehab in Las Vegas will teach patients:

  • How to value personal responsibility – Many patients have a victim mentality, which means they have quit fighting for their opportunity for a better life. At Vogue, we teach people how to get in charge of their life and realize everybody has a choice, and that it is the hardest choices that build the strongest individuals.

  • Face their fears – Recurrent episodes of psychological abuse during childhood have been proven to alter the patient’s mental and behavioral functioning as an adult. Early emotional trauma has been linked to symptoms of PTSD and depression in teenagers and adults, leading to substance addiction and self-destructive behaviors. Going for an in-depth psychoanalysis may be essential to fight off the predilection for addiction.

  • Develop coping mechanisms – No matter the type of rehab program the addict’s been sign in, relapse will always be a danger once he will return into the society. This is why it is imperative to help the patient realize what he needs to prevent relapse; avoiding the people and the places linked to his addiction is a good place to start.

The inpatient drug rehab in Las Vegas is more of an educative endeavor than anything else. Studies have shown that the detoxification process on its own only has a 33% success rate, with 67% of the addicts relapsing when no other rehab methods are present.

At Vogue Recovery Center, we solve that problem with the help of psychological therapies, private and group counselling, and extensive aftercare meant to prevent relapse and help the patient regain his social skills and confidence.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Las Vegas
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