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Drugs and alcohol have been with us for so long that we’ve begun to see them as part of the ordinary. However, there’s nothing ordinary about a substance that inflicts an addictive behavior, destroys people’s mental health, and separates them from family, friends and the community in which they live. Vogue Recovery Center is a leading institution in the field of drug and alcohol rehab with a straightforward goal: dilute the impact of drugs on society.

For that purpose, our drug rehab in Phoenix comes as among the best in the field, comprising a variety of practices which are not only meant to beat addiction but to help with the patient’s psychological and social development as well. And among the most important things we are focusing on is education. Studies have shown that those falling victims to drug abuse are oblivious to the effects of the substance in the long run, as well as the dangers that may come with it. And the most relevant facts include:

  • Addiction is not voluntary – Modern medicine accepts substance addiction as a brain disorder that can last indefinitely if left untreated, it gets worse as times passes, and it’s relapsing in nature. Although the decision to begin consuming drugs belongs to the patient, the aftermath is beyond his control, as the chemical changes in the brain will take over.

  • The drug abuse behavior is triggered by many factors – There is no single cause leading people to consume drugs but many. These include genetics (between 40% and 60% of the user’s predisposition towards drug abuse is inherited from parents), the age and race of the individual, the environment he lives in and so on. An effective rehab program should address all these aspects during the treatment.

  • Addiction is difficult to treat – The programs of drug rehab in Phoenix have been continuously improved over time to ensure an as higher success rate as possible. The problem is there is no standard regarding the treatment. Instead, rehab programs will have to rely on the latest medical and psychiatric findings to diminish the impact of the condition and help the addict develop coping mechanisms to avoid the relapse.

  • The relapse is normal – According to multiple studies gathered from many rehab centers across the nation, the relapse rate is around 85% in the first year following the rehabilitation. Other data suggest a number higher than 90%, which shows that not only addiction can last for years, but that it can be a pain to treat.

At this moment, the scientific community is split when it comes to the nature of addiction. While some researchers claim it cannot be treated, others state the opposite, but it makes little difference in the grander scheme of things. We know for a fact that addiction can be controlled and perhaps even cured with the help of modern science, which gives us all the drive we need to push forward.

At Vogue Recovery Center, we have developed one of the best drug rehab in Phoenix, combining the latest medical findings with the passion and the commitment to save people’s lives. Come and let us shape a better future for you!

Drug Rehab Phoenix
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