Ending your dependence on alcohol is necessary, but carries unique risks. Detoxification from alcohol abuse is considered the most dangerous withdrawal risk of any other drug, as the potential for seizures, heart attack, and even stroke are greatly increased.

It is imperative that you have the services of a qualified medical team specializing in addressing alcohol withdrawal symptoms to ensure your safety and ability to find long-term sobriety. The team of experts at Vogue Recovery Center have had advanced training and experience providing detoxification for even the most severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, please allow us to ensure your safety and comfort.

Comfort and Care During Detoxification

While the experience of withdrawal is never easy, Vogue Recovery Center endeavors to minimize the negativity with a variety of comfort-enhancing components.


  • Round the clock medical support and personalized attention
  • Personalized nutrition from our on-site Executive Chef
  • Quiet, luxury home environment designed for relaxation
  • 24 hour personalized support by on-site staff


At Vogue, we understand that detoxification can be intimidating and that for many this alone can keep them trapped in their addiction. Allow us to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal as quickly as possible and give you the chance to focus on a life free of substance abuse.