As a woman, you face unique challenges when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatment. In order to address these exceptional challenges, you need an extraordinary women’s rehab program. At Vogue Recovery, we know how hard it can be to overcome your addiction. However, we also know that if you let us, we’ll be by your side from the beginning of the treatment process to the end. It’s not too late to begin looking for treatment. Learn about our Arizona, California, and Nevada addiction treatment centers by calling Vogue Recovery today. 

What Challenges Do Women Face in Addiction?a group of women get ready to enter a womens rehab program

Because of their biology and culturally defined roles, women have to overcome a variety of specific problems when they face addiction. For example, according to experts, your hormones make you more sensitive to the potency of certain drugs. Moreover, those drugs may cause more physical problems on your heart or blood vessels. 

Additionally, your drinking or drug use may be caused by a variety of different things. For example, women are more likely to use substances due to divorce, death of a loved one, or a loss of custody of your child. Conversely, they’re less likely to seek treatment because they lack childcare, or they fear social or legal repercussions. 

Get Treatment at a Women’s Rehab Program

At a women’s rehab program, we can help you overcome some of the challenges you face. For instance, many women begin using drugs or alcohol because they have suffered sexual assault or other trauma. Understandably, they don’t feel comfortable with sharing those experiences in a mixed group. However, at a women’s rehab program, you have women who may have faced the same problems around you. 

Moreover, at a women’s rehab program, you can focus on women’s issues, such as pregnancy or the lack of support that you struggle with during your daily life. Moreover, you can address food or body concerns, and mental disorders, both of which many women may not be comfortable discussing in a mixed group. 

Additionally, it is a good idea to begin your recovery process without the added distractions of romantic involvement. Many recovery groups, such as AA recommend that you spend a year in recovery before you begin a new romantic relationship. This waiting period allows you to focus on your recovery process. In a women’s rehab program, you don’t face the same temptations to flirt and begin dating someone else in recovery. 

Treatment Options at a Women’s Rehab Program

At a women’s rehab program, you should have a variety of therapeutic options. For example, at Vogue Recovery, we offer a variety of holistic and evidence-based therapies. Evidence-based therapies are therapy options that addiction treatment experts have researched extensively. As a result, the treatment community has proof that these programs work. Examples of evidence-based therapies may include:

In addition, a women’s rehab program should also use holistic treatment options. Proponents of holistic therapies tell us that addiction touches every part of a person, including body, mind, and soul. Therefore, each part needs healing. While evidence-based treatments may heal the mind, holistic therapies are necessary to treat the mind and soul. Consequently, we offer:

  • Adventure/experiential therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Meditation therapy

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A women’s rehab program can be a great asset in addiction recovery. Moreover, we can help you overcome a variety of addictions. For example, we treat: 

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