Deciding to go to a rehab program can be a stressful decision for members of both sexes, and gender-specific treatment can help alleviate some of that stress for certain people. At a men’s specific rehab program, men can feel comfortable discussing issues that they might not feel comfortable sharing with the opposite sex, which can help them overcome their addictions. At Vogue Recovery Center, we understand the importance of gender-specific treatment. Therefore, when you come to one of our recovery centers in Arizona, Nevada, or California, we provide many of the advantages of gender-specific treatment (gender-specific process groups, gender-sensitive one-on-one counseling, etc.), only in a coed facility. 

Why Should You Choose a Men’s Rehab Program?

4 men talks about entering a mens rehab programIt’s a common misconception to think that gender does not affect addiction. According to SAMHSA, in 2011, about 2/3 of people who sought substance abuse treatment were men. Additionally, men are statistically more likely to take risks while they’re using drugs or alcohol. According to the CDC, among fatal car crashes, men are twice as likely to have been intoxicated. They are also more likely to become angry or violent when using drugs or alcohol. 

Not only does gender affect patterns of drug and alcohol abuse, but it also affects how to best deliver treatment for the best chance of success in long-term recovery. For example, because temper is often a problem for men who struggle with substance abuse, therapy in a men’s specific group may focus on anger management. 

A men’s rehab program recognizes that men face different challenges than women. For example, society conditions men to hide their emotions. As a result, it can be difficult for men to open up and actively participate in group therapy. They want to appear strong. This facade can be detrimental to addiction recovery, as it can prevent men from getting to the root causes of their addictions. 

When you enroll in a men’s rehab program, you’re surrounded by men who are facing the same challenges you are. You can be free to be open and honest with them. Furthermore, you can expect the men in our men’s rehab program to respect what you’ve been through before or during your addiction. Additionally, they will join with you to help you overcome those issues. 

Treatment Options at Vogue Recovery

At Vogue Recovery, we understand that every individual who attends our program is different. Therefore, we need to offer a variety of treatment options. For instance, if you struggle with a moderate or severe addiction, you may need an inpatient treatment program. At an inpatient treatment program, you will live at the facility 24/7. This living situation gives you the support you need whenever you may need it. Additionally, you have the accountability that you need to prevent relapse in the first few days of treatment. 

Alternatively, if you are battling a mild substance abuse disorder, or you’ve been to a men’s rehab program before, outpatient treatment may be ideal for you. During an outpatient treatment program, you attend therapy once every week, or once every week. This option allows you to ease back into regular life while still getting the treatment you need. If you don’t have a stable or sober home, you can also choose to live in one of our sober living facilities. 

Get Treatment at Vogue

There are many advantages to a men’s rehab program. Whether you struggle with heroin addiction or alcohol addiction, we have a treatment program for you. For example, we treat:

  • Benzo addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Meth addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction

It’s time to take the first step on the path to sobriety. To learn more about our men’s rehab program, or to enroll in our treatment programs, call Vogue Recovery today at 866.682.8449