If you’re struggling with addiction, you should look into Vogue Recovery’s substance abuse treatment programs. No matter what substance abuse treatment center location, duration, or therapy you prefer, our substance abuse treatment programs have you covered.

For those with a co-occurring mental illness, don’t worry! Vogue Recovery’s substance abuse treatment center offers dual diagnosis treatment designed to tackle both substance abuse and mental illness. 

Levels of Addiction Treatment Care

close up of man holding woman's hands in support during substance abuse treatment programs NevadaThe first step towards recovery is detox, wherein the body weans itself off of the addictive substance. Medical detox programs in CA for drugs and alcohol generally takes place in residential or inpatient rehab. These types of rehab involve living at a substance abuse treatment center 24/7. In substance abuse treatment programs in Nevada, you’re under constant medical supervision. Supervision prevents patients from sneaking in and using drugs or suffering adverse health from intense withdrawal symptoms. 

The various types of substance abuse treatment programs in Arizona exist on a scale. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) continuum of care ranks treatment from most to least intense. Inpatient and residential rehab are all Level 3 and above on this continuum.

The next level of care is Arizona’s intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs (PHP). Level 2 substance abuse treatment programs allow the patient to live at home and participate in outside society. However, both IOP and PHP involve significant amounts of treatment. IOP requires weeks of nightly therapy sessions, while PHP consists of commuting to the hospital multiple days a week. IOP and PHP often take place at a substance abuse treatment center.

Finally, there are Level 1 substance abuse treatment programs — outpatient rehab. These programs offer the maximum level of social flexibility for the patient. Instead of having therapy nightly, therapy occurs once a week or even every other week. 

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

At Vogue Recovery, we treat a number of substances. Substances treated at our centers in California, Arizona, and Nevada include but aren’t limited to:

Therapies Offered In Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment therapy programs in California, offered at a substance abuse treatment center, is a critical component of recovery. Where detox heals the body, therapy heals the mind. Every level of the continuum of care involves therapy, split into evidence-based and holistic methods.

Holistic methods involve processing emotions through positive experiences, such as massage, art, and outdoor activity. Evidence-based therapy in substance abuse treatment programs is more akin to regular psychotherapy.

Substance abuse programs offer different therapies. For example, substance abuse treatment programs in Nevada may focus on behavioral therapy. Conversely, substance abuse treatment programs in Arizona may choose to specialize in gestalt therapy. 

There are a variety of distinct therapies within substance abuse treatment programs. Vogue recovery offers multiple choices to discuss with your therapist.

Therapies offered at Vogue Recovery’s substance abuse treatment center include: 

Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

When you or a loved one enter substance abuse treatment programs, you want recovery and results. At Vogue Recovery, we use the collaborative care model. Our specialized staff in Arizona, Nevada and California, work with your primary care physician to maximize results. The care team measures progress and helps ensure your treatment works for you. 

When you attend Vogue Recovery’s substance abuse treatment programs in Arizona, you begin the rest of your life. Our substance abuse treatment programs in Nevada help you overcome addiction for good. 

For more information on substance abuse treatment programs, call 866.682.8449 or contact us online. Admission to the substance abuse treatment programs you need is only a phone call away.