person snorting lines of coke, cocaine addiction treatment center azCocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. When you use cocaine, your brain is flooded with dopamine very quickly. Dopamine is the brains feel good chemical. This gives you a euphoric rush and encourages you to do more of the drug. Eventually, you will likely experience problems from cocaine addiction, including dependence, tolerance, and potential health problems. Drug detox centers, including our cocaine addiction treatment center, can help you end your cocaine addiction.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine can lead to addiction very quickly. In fact, you may get hooked on the drug the first time you try it.

Common signs that you have a cocaine addiction include:

  • Strong cravings for cocaine
  • Being unable to limit your use or stop the drug
  • Neglecting activities and relationships that you once valued
  • Continuing to use cocaine in spite of problems with relationships, work, health,or legal issues
  • Needing more cocaine to achieve the same high
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop using cocaine

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine doesn’t have as many physical withdrawal symptoms as other drugs. There are two basic phases of cocaine withdrawal. First is the crash phase. This is what users often refer to as “the comedown”. As the cocaine leaves your system, you can experience fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain, and tremors. Cravings will also begin during this time. Cocaine crash can begin between 2-8 hours after using cocaine. and will last from 2-10 days.

After the initial crash, cocaine withdrawal begins. For most people, the symptoms lessen in severity during this time and eventually go away. However, strong cravings, apathy, and severe depression can occur. In severe cases, you may experience erratic behavior, paranoia, or suicidal thoughts. It’s essential to have medical and mental health professionals to support you through this process.

What to Expect at a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Getting treatment for drug addiction can be scary. However, understanding the process can help calm your fears. The first step is speaking with a professional about your drug use and physical and mental health. They will tailor a program to your needs and level of addiction. For many clients, detox is the first stage of treatment.

There is no medication approved to treat cocaine withdrawal, so the focus is on treating the symptoms. Giving the short half-life of the drug, the worst withdrawal symptoms usually abate fairly quickly. Duration of use, dose, mental disorders, and polysubstance use can all impact the severity and length of withdrawal symptoms.

After detox, you may enter residential treatment. This allows you to live at the cocaine addiction treatment center. Due to cocaine’s severe effects on mental health and the cravings users experience, this is the best way to work on your recovery. You will receive mental health treatment tailored to your needs, medical care, and work on life skills that fell by the wayside during your addiction.

Once you’ve completed residential treatment, you will be ready to move to intensive outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient (IOP) means that you will be living at home but spending a significant amount of time at the rehab working on your recovery. This is an excellent way to transition with the support of peers and professionals. Transitioning back to society is when your most likely to relapse. Continuing to attend rehab can help you navigate real-life challenges and continue to develop your life skills as you transition.

Holistic Therapies At Our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center in AZ

Our cocaine addiction treatment center takes a holistic approach to recovery. This means your entire being is taken into consideration and treated during your stay. While dealing with the physical aspects of addiction, you will also receive psychotherapy, proper nutrition, and alternative therapies.  Yoga, adventure therapy, and music therapy are a few of the alternative therapies we offer.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center in AZ

If you are seeking a cocaine addiction treatment center in AZ, Vogue Recovery Center is an excellent place for treatment. We are equipped to treat most addictions and severity levels, and offer many different methods of treatment. Don’t settle for a one size fits all approach to addiction, contact Vogue Recovery Center online or call us at 866.682.8449 to begin your custom treatment plan.