woman in yellow sweater and glasses talking to therapist with clipboard during gestalt therapy program in NV AZ CAAddiction rarely comes out of nowhere. Drug or alcohol abuse typically has a root cause and triggers sending individuals back to using even when they think they’ve overcome addiction. Often, lasting recovery will entail finding treatment getting at the heart of your issues. Once you or a loved one realizes they want treatment for substance abuse or addiction, Vogue Recovery is here to help. With numerous programs and therapies, each individual can find the path to recovery that is right for them. For some, that path may involve our gestalt therapy program.

Often individuals suffering from drug or alcohol abuse or addiction feel out of control. They are unsure why they do the damaging, negative things they do. Also, they sometimes blame outside forces, whether real or perceived, making them feel even more out of control. Gestalt therapy programs in Nevada, Arizona, and California are designed to get at the heart of these concerns.

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What is a Gestalt Therapy Program?

Created in the 1950s, gestalt therapy is an alternative to conventional psychoanalysis. In a gestalt therapy program, therapists encourage patients not just to talk through their past emotions or experiences but to instead re-live them in the moment. Often, patients do this through re-enactment. By doing so, patients are better able to see how their awareness in the present moment affects their emotions. 

The word “gestalt” means whole. The developers of the therapy believed individuals could be best understood holistically through their perceptions at the moment. In becoming more aware of yourself, you take on more responsibility accepting the consequences of your behavior while learning how to change for the benefit of yourself and others. Gestalt therapy programs are used not only in addiction treatment, but also in substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment in Arizona. Thus, it is a useful tool in the recovery process.

Because gestalt therapy is very client-centered, it may just be the kind of therapy you or a loved one needs. For many, it gets to the heart of substance abuse and addiction. 

How Does it Work?

Instead of just talking about your feelings, in a gestalt therapy program, you experience them. Some of the techniques therapists may use with patients include dreamwork, guided fantasy, role-playing, and confrontation, among other techniques. The goal is to at once identify and work to resolve your negative feelings of anger, resentment, or anxiety but in a safe, controlled environment. As you progress in the therapy, your self-awareness grows to help you better understand yourself. With such insight, patients learn how their emotional or mental states affect their physical well-being and vice versa.

Gestalt therapy’s focus on the present raises your awareness of your mental and emotional processes, impacting decisions, actions, and behaviors. Rather than feeling out of control or influenced by some past occurrence, patients learn to control and freedom. In recognizing their patterns of behavior at the moment, patients practice resisting the urge to react in favor of deliberate, thoughtful action.

Vogue Recovery

Our gestalt therapy program in Nevada, Arizona, and California is just one more way we make sure our clients get the right treatment. However, Vogue Recovery offers numerous other traditional and alternative treatment services, including:

These therapies and programs are present in all our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. With locations in both Nevada, Arizona, and California, we provide patients with all levels of substance abuse treatment. To find out more about our gestalt therapy program or any of our programs call 866.682.8449. Contact Vogue Recovery Center for a licensed team of experts committed to your lasting sobriety and healthy living.