Theresa Brown

Director of Nursing

Theresa believes that being a Director of Nursing means that she enforces the policy and procedures that the company has put forth. She believes that nurses are advocates for their patients and that every nurse should render good quality patient care in a non-judgmental way. Through her work Theresa wants to bring about awareness that addiction is not a choice but a disease and should be treated as such. Theresa has recently begun to teach staff, patients, and their families about the use of Narcan. She started doing this about a year ago through personal appearances and an active participant in overdose awareness week in Las Vegas, NV. She has seen many of her friends and family fall victim to this disease and has decided to dedicate her life to helping others heal. Theresa works along with her husband at their local church doing a health fair every year for the last three years to bring awareness to the community about preventative measures in healthcare. The fair includes free blood pressure and glucose readings with healthy life style changes. Theresa holds an Associate degree in nursing from College of Southern Nevada, a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Aspen University, and pursing her Master’s degree in Leadership and Management in Nursing at Aspen university. She has over 15 years nursing experience both in hospital and rehab settings. She has been a Director of Nursing for over ten years both in hospice and addiction.

connie garcia specialized staff vogue recovery center arizona

Connie Garcia

Nurse Manager

Connie is dedicated to this field because it hits very close to home for her. She lost a father to cirrhosis and her mother has battled alcoholism all her life. Connie’s grandparents on both sides suffered alcoholism along with other MH disorders. Understanding this disease has driven her to truly want to help those who suffer from addictions and other mental illnesses. As a nurse manager, she aims to lead her team by setting example to work tirelessly to provide the best therapeutic patient care. With over 10 years of experience working with adolescents and adults suffering from addiction and mental illness Connie strives to always stay updated on all aspects of addiction recovery.

Sara Grepke

Clinical Director

Sara believes that serving others by assisting them in healing from their past to transform their future is the most important work that one person can do for another.  Sara considers it an incredible honor to serve her staff and the patients who choose to begin the journey of healing at Vogue recovery center.
Sara has been a licensed clinical social worker for 20 years spending the last nine years working in residential psychiatric and substance abuse treatment centers in the Las Vegas Valley. During this time she has developed psychiatric partial hospitalization programs for both adolescents and adults and both residential and outpatient programs for adults with substance use disorders.
Sara earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and Sociology, graduating cum laude at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a Master of social work, graduating magna cum laude at Wayne State University in Detroit.
As the leader of the clinical department at Vogue, Sara will work to promote a nurturing yet challenging environment where patients can progress at the most rapid pace they are safely capable of. Sara understands that entering treatment in a residential environment can be one of the best but also most intimidating decisions a person can make for themselves and their family, And will make every effort to see to it that each patient has the opportunity for success.

Dr. Kaplan

Medical Provider